Teeth-straightening procedures have been around since the 18th century, and the goal of the treatments was to straighten teeth gently and gradually into their prescribed position and alignment. In this age, metal braces is a recognised treatment amongst children and teenagers. Despite their popularity, however, there is always a common concern.

An orthodontist may be too familiar with this question from their patients: ‘How long will I have to wear braces?’ Although dental braces are unique for every patient, it usually takes up to two years for the majority to finish the treatment. Some patients with severely misaligned teeth wear braces throughout their stay in secondary school. The amount of time that patients have to wear the braces often discourages them to begin the treatment, resulting in an untreated overbite or discomfort from misaligned teeth.

Not all teeth-straightening treatments have to last for two years. In fact, patients may see a huge difference in just six months. But how so?

The 6 Months Smile Treatment

In the past few decades, there have been several inventions designed to act as alternatives to braces, but there is nothing quite as quick as the 6 Month Smiles treatment.

Smile Spa is one of the leading dental practices in the UK that offers the 6 Month Smiles procedure for patients in Sutton Coldfield and Knowle. Originating from the USA, it is a newly developed treatment for patients who wish to see straighter teeth without the long wait.

All the Good Things

The advantages of the 6 Month Smiles braces include the fact that they are:

  • Discreet

Unlike metal braces, the 6 Month Smiles braces have tooth-coloured wires and brackets. Along with Invisalign and the Inman Aligner, it is one of the most unnoticeable teeth-straightening treatments available in the market.

  • Quick

The treatment boasts of its speedy procedure with only 6 months wear, or even less.

  • Multi-purposed

Just like any teeth-straightening treatment, the 6 Month Smiles treatment aims to address twisted, crooked or gapped teeth.

6 Month Smiles is ideal for those who want fast-acting results in time for special occasions, such as proms or weddings. They help patients achieve straighter and healthier smiles faster without drawing attention to their teeth throughout the treatment.

Our Patients Love the Treatment

Smile Spa has a team of dedicated and qualified practitioners who strive to exceed the expectations of our patients by providing excellent care in a warm and welcoming environment. Our past patients have reviewed the 6 Month Smiles treatment, letting potential patients know that they can expect a huge improvement with their teeth if they undergo the treatment at Smile Spa.

Why Choose Smile Spa?

Just like our name suggests, our patients feel as if they are in a spa rather than a dental practice when they have their treatments with us. We provide a beautiful and relaxing space where patients may receive the care that they deserve.

Visit us today for a 6 Month Smiles treatment or call us today to learn more about our services.

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