Our Sutton Coldfield & Knowle Practices

What our regular patients love about our practice is that it’s more like a spa! We know just how unnerving traditional and old-fashioned dentistry practices can be, and many patients inevitably find it hard to relax in surroundings that are not designed to calm or reassure. For this reason, we have created a truly beautiful and relaxing space, where every patient receives excellent care and an uplifting experience.

All of our dental care services are set against a calming background of beautiful mood music to help you to unwind and maybe even drift off in some cases! We also use aromatherapy oils which are proven to help calm and soothe in a natural way. Your senses will be calmed by the fragrance of these beautiful essential oils and the quiet, relaxing music provides an excellent focus if you prefer a pleasant distraction from your dental work. If you prefer not to see our dental professionals working, we even have DVD glasses available to truly take you somewhere else!

The power of relaxation…

In fact, we take relaxation so seriously as a means of providing better care and treatment that we offer massage chairs before appointments, so our patients will feel as though they are walking on a cloud as they walk into the treatment room. This isn’t just a luxury – dental professionals know that nervousness and tension can make it more difficult to carry out dental work in a quick and effective way. When you feel confident and cared for as a patient, you will find that your dental experience is completely transformed and you no longer need to worry about those appointments.

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