Nervous Patient Sedation in Sutton Coldfield & Solihull

Dental phobias are extremely common, which is why here at Smile Spa we work hard to provide a relaxing environment for all of our patients to help to reduce any anxiety you may be feeling. We understand that dental phobias that may have started in childhood can last well into adulthood, but it’s important to remember that dental techniques have advanced a lot in recent years.

How Can Dental Sedation Help Me?

From your initial appointment check-in with our friendly receptionists through to your treatment from our dentists, dental nurses and hygienists, we will aim to keep you feeling calm and relaxed during your time at Smile Spa.

We have worked hard in creating a very calming environment at our practice. Our waiting rooms are fully equipped with a range of relaxation features, including calming aromatherapy candles, massage chairs and soothing background music.

Mood music is played in the treatment rooms. There are also televisions present to help patients take their mind off their treatments.

Particularly anxious patients can utilise our oral sedation methods which can make you feel drowsy, but will still allow you to feel aware enough so as to co-operate fully with the dental team.

What is oral sedation?

Oral sedation involves the administration of an oral sedative drug, to facilitate the dental procedure and reduce patients’ fear and anxiety related to the experience.

How will sedation affect me?

The sedation will allow you to feel temporarily relaxed which will make you feel more comfortable during the dental treatment. Please note that you will need an escort to take you home after the appointment. You will need to relax at home for the rest of the day.

At Smile Spa we understand that dental phobias are a very genuine condition which can affect individuals greatly. Patients who don’t have regular dental check-ups as a result of a phobia may find that in the long run, they will need more extensive treatment as problems may have not been rectified by way of an early diagnosis. We encourage patients to attend their appointments as recommended by their dentist and we strive to provide a safe and relaxing environment for all patients so as to create a positive experience.

Take a look at our gallery of reviews from previous nervous patients for more information.

Vibraject Painless Injections

The latest piece of equipment that we have got in our practices is the VIBRAJECT. This piece of equipment, together with our flavoured anaesthetic gel, makes giving a local anaesthetic as painless as possible. We have had 100% positive feedback from our patients regarding VIBRAJECT.