Accidents can happen to the best of us, no matter how careful we are. A car crash, a tumble down the stairs, an elbow to the face during a rugby match — there are many situations where your teeth may accidentally get knocked out.

A knocked-out tooth can be difficult to save and reinserted back into the mouth. While young children have a higher chance of being able to re-implant a knocked out tooth, adults will find it much more difficult. This is because of the structure of the tooth — the root of the tooth is full of sensitive nerve endings, which can easily be damaged. When they get knocked-out, there is a large chance that they are damaged beyond repair.

If the dentist does manage to implant the tooth again, they will likely need to perform a root canal. Knocked-out teeth also lack the strength of a healthy tooth, which means that you may need a crown to reinforce them. When you re-implant the tooth, it should reattach within three to four weeks, provided that there is no sign of infection. If not, you may need to look into other options to restore your tooth.

Thankfully, even if tooth re-implantation fails can still keep on smiling. In most cases, it is possible to get dental implants to replace the missing tooth. Smile Spa offers quality dental implants in Knowle.

Improved Chances with Dental Implants

Though it depends on the nature of your injury and the health of your gums and bones, most people will have no trouble getting dental implants. The chances are best if you lost any of your front teeth — in fact, dental implants are a common post-traumatic treatment for knocked-out front teeth.

If there is little damage to the jaw bone itself, most people will be able to get a dental implant without the need for a bone graft or bone regeneration. Of course, your dentist will help determine how eligible you are for a dental implant. This greatly improves your chances of restoring your smile.

A Durable Tooth

The main advantage of dental implants is that it is strong and durable. Once healed, it looks and feels just like a real tooth. The root is made from a titanium screw, which fuses with your natural bone. Once it fuses, we can replace the top with a ceramic tooth, which is designed to match the size shape, and colour of your natural teeth.

The teeth are also long-lasting, and hard wearing — dental implants can last upwards of 50 years, so most people will not need a replacement in their lifetime. They also require no special maintenance — just brush and floss as you normally would.

Aesthetically, you should not be able to tell the difference. This is why dental implants are an excellent choice for those who want strong, beautiful teeth. Even after dental trauma, it is one of the best options available to you.

To learn if dental implants are right for you, contact Smile Spa today.

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