When we were younger, losing a tooth only meant putting up with teasing for a few days and waiting for the new tooth to grow. Losing teeth is more difficult when we become adults, but a lot of us try to ignore this as long as the missing teeth are located at the back of the mouth. In time, however, people may lose more teeth, even the ones at the front. Losing front teeth makes many adults lose confidence, they may find it difficult to smile and speak, and have a hard time eating.

Here at Smile Spa, we believe in the transformative effects of modern dentistry, and we would like to help you regain your confidence, talk with ease and enjoy eating.

Straumann Implants

At Smile Spa, we believe in continuous professional development; we always seek to learn new techniques and study the latest technology. We are fully qualified to give you the leading implants in the industry.

Straumann implants allow you to have an artificial tooth that looks and feels like your natural teeth. Implants also keep your artificial tooth in place, eliminating your concern of losing your artificial tooth or it loosening while you are eating.

If a dentist has assessed that you cannot have implants, other options are available in bridges or dentures.


Bridges can be used when only a few of your teeth need to be replaced. They can also be used if only one side of your mouth is missing teeth.

The bridge is usually made of a metal base and is cemented on existing teeth. When cemented, bridges are very secure. You can have porcelain or ceramic bridges, and they can be matched to the natural colour of your teeth.


Dentures are advisable when replacing a number of adjacent teeth. Dentures can either be full or partial. Partial dentures are used to fill in gaps in your teeth. They are attached to your other teeth with metal clasps. Full or complete dentures are used for upper or lower jaws that have very few remaining teeth.

Benefits of Replacing Lost Tooth

There are more benefits to replacing lost teeth than just aesthetic and social reasons, although, these reasons are not trivial as they affect profoundly the daily lives of our patients.

Replacing lost teeth can prevent complications caused by missing teeth. A missing tooth can cause, in time, loss of the alveolar bone. The alveolar bone is our tooth-bearing bone. This bone will decrease in width, height, then volume, eventually causing gum tissue to decrease. Bone loss will affect the position of your remaining teeth. It can also render the jawbone more prone to jaw fractures.

Replacing missing teeth can maintain your face’s shape and prevent your remaining teeth from shifting its position. You can also prevent bone loss.

If all this sounds alarming, don’t worry. You have highly trained dentists in Sutton Coldfield who will help you. We will restore your smile in a relaxing spa –like environment while following the highest standard of dentistry. We would love to hear from you soon.

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