Imagine a world where everybody has naturally perfect straight teeth, and no one needs to spend on dental treatments. Unfortunately, we’re some way away from such a world but with a little time and effort achieving a perfect smile is within everyone’s reach.

Your teeth’s current state of alignment is due to genetics and lifestyle. While your DNA is partly to blame for any crooked teeth, it doesn’t decide their fate. Various lifestyle practices and environmental factors affect how your teeth settle into position. Habits like tongue thrusting and thumb sucking greatly impact the growth of your teeth. In some cases, the teeth will shift and crowd. Moreover, cavities and decay in baby teeth that lead to loss of space in the dental arch can have a significant effect on how the permanent tooth is positioned.

If you’re one of the millions of adults who are unhappy with their teeth, crippled by a constant sense of embarrassment or low self-confidence – a new opportunity presents itself. Whether misaligned teeth are the result of your genes or lifestyle, it is never too late to seek the right treatment.

Smile Spa introduces you to the Six Month Smiles system, an innovative alternative to metal braces that fixes crooked, twisted and gapped teeth.

If you want to fix irregular teeth quickly and with minimal discomfort, Six Months Smiles may be the treatment you’re looking for. Find out what sets it apart from other procedures.

An Orthodontic Solution that Suits Your Lifestyle

Six Month Smiles is a safe orthodontic solution designed to fit your lifestyle. This system utilises the best aspects of conventional braces and modifies the treatment to give patients a short-term solution to their long-term problem. The treatment is concerned only with the front teeth, reducing the treatment time down to six months. Due to this narrower scope, the realignment requires less force and is thus more comfortable than metal braces. It gently moves your teeth into their recommended position using clear braces, which are far more subtle and convenient than any other traditional orthodontic solution.

We highlight some of its most significant benefits:

  • less force when realigning the teeth, resulting in minimal discomfort
  • advanced and discreet orthodontic materials that offer minimal disruption to daily activities
  • significantly shorter treatment time than other orthodontic treatments
  • lower in cost than most straightening treatments

Choose Smiles Spa

Smiles Spa brings the benefits of Six Months Smiles to Sutton Coldfield and Knowle. Together with our staff, we deliver Six Month Smiles in a relaxed, supportive and friendly atmosphere. Our dentists strive to exceed patient’s expectations by providing the highest standard of care. Committed to your satisfaction, we work towards a common goal of giving you the smile that improves your quality of life.

Through our client-focused treatments, we aim to empower the lives of our patients as they, in turn, inspire our practice and our team.

Look at the transformations of some of our patients and see how our Six Month Smiles treatment makes small adjustments to create big differences.

To find out if you qualify for Six Months Smiles, get in touch with us today. Contact our Knowle practice here or our Sutton Coldfield practice here.

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