Dentists told us repeatedly that keeping your teeth sparkly clean is key to maintaining oral health. Despite the reminders, there are days you might choose to give in to laziness rather than take care of your teeth. We have news for those who succumb: skipping your nightly brushing routine might not be the most dangerous thing you can do to your smile.

Many things could pose threats to your oral health. Refusing to clean your teeth before you go to bed has always been harmful, but something you are doing unconsciously might be even more damaging to your choppers.


Although the act of digging your teeth into your nails may seem harmless at first, you may not be aware of the impact nail-biting has on your teeth. People tend to bite their nails due to feelings of nervousness or anxiety while others do it out of habit. When something becomes a habit, it becomes more difficult to get rid of.

Dr Ruchi Sahota, a dental expert, says that not only can nail-biting chip your teeth, it can also add pressure to your jaw. When you bite your nails, your jaw remains in a protruding position, which can lead to jaw dysfunction if constantly done.

Eating Ice

After sipping on your favourite fizzy drink, another habit of yours might be chewing on the ice clinking at the bottom of your glass. Just because an ice cube is solidified water, that does not make it good for your teeth.

Munching on hard ice cubes can create chips and cracks on your teeth. If you continue with the habit, you may end up irritating soft tissue within your teeth. Aggravated soft tissue often results in regular toothaches and heightened sensitivity. This means any extremely hot or cold substances can trigger sharp jabs of pain to your gums.

Snacking on ice puts you at risk for teeth breakage, which may require more intensive treatments. It’s best if you put that ice tray aside and chew on something softer.

Using Teeth as a Cutting Tool

When you buy clothes, and you’re excited to try them on, you might instinctively rip the tag off your new purchase using your teeth. Everyone should know that this is never a good idea – human teeth were designed for chewing on food.

Using your teeth as a pair scissors is not only an inefficient alternative; it is also your ticket to oral disaster. You can crack your teeth, injure your jaw or accidentally swallow an inedible object. Our set of teeth is one of the strongest parts of our bodies. What you shouldn’t do is use them for the wrong reasons.

It’s Never Too Late

If you think one of these habits have already taken a toll on your oral health, don’t fret. There’s always a solution to your oral concerns.

Smile Spa is committed to delivering quality treatments and exceptional patient experience. Dental implants, one of our most popular procedures, can help restore your smile and give you the confidence you’ve lost.

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